Regarding delivery

Regarding delivery

All ordered products will be shipped from Fukuoka via "Click Post".
You can confirm that your ordered item has been shipped by checking the "Shipping Completion Email" sent between 7:00pm and 8:00pm on the shipping day.

*The estimated delivery date for pre-ordered items is different from the usual delivery date, so please be sure to check the date on the product page before placing your order.
*We cannot accept shipments to overseas destinations or to product receiving agency services.

Estimated delivery date

The delivery date will be within 2 to 14 days from the date of order.

*Arrival date and time may be delayed due to bad weather or disasters. Please note.
*It may take longer than usual during the Christmas season, Golden Week, New Year's holidays, etc. Please note.

Tokyo 3~4 days
Osaka Prefecture
2~4 days
Aichi prefecture
3~4 days
Kochi Prefecture
2~4 days
Iwate Prefecture
3~4 days
Fukuoka Prefecture
2~4 days
4~6 days
4~6 days

Register delivery information

In addition to the customer's home, the product can be delivered to a location specified by the customer, such as a workplace, a family member's or friend's home.

Regarding measures against the new coronavirus

We are disinfecting our hands so that everyone can enjoy shopping with peace of mind.
We will continue to take measures in accordance with announcements from the government and local governments.