About your order

Q.I haven't received an order completion email from Las.
A. We apologize for the inconvenience.
If you do not receive an email from Las Las, there may be the following reasons:

(1) Possibility of being treated as spam
In your email system,

There is a possibility that Las's email is automatically treated as spam.
Please check your spam folder.
*There has been an issue with Softbank carrier emails being automatically sorted as spam and deleted.

Also, if you are using the anti-spam mail function,

There is a possibility that your settings are set so that you cannot receive Las emails.

The setting method differs depending on the device model. For more information, please refer to your device's manual or contact your mobile phone company.

(2) There is a possibility that the registered email address is incorrect.
The email address you registered may be incorrect.
From the perspective of protecting personal information, we cannot accept changes to registered information.

*Customers who purchased through Amazon account or guest purchase cannot check from the "Purchase History List".

Q.Can I request gift wrapping?
A. We include one Las original box with every order.
If you need more than one item for a gift, please contact us.

Q.Can I change or cancel my order?
A. We cannot accept changes or cancellations after the order has been completed.
Please carefully check the product name, model number, color, size, etc. before ordering.

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About product delivery and payment

Q.How long will it take for my order to arrive after I place an order?
A.We will deliver the product within 2 to 14 days after placing your order.
We will ship from Fukuoka via Click Post.
For more information, please check the delivery times at the post office.

Q. Who is the delivery company?
A.It will be delivered by click post at the post office.

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About the product

Q.Will the jewelry change color?
A.It will not change color under normal use.

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About returns and exchanges

Q.Can I exchange the ring size?
A.We only accept unused rings.
Please contact us using the inquiry form within 7 days after receiving the product .
Exchanges can only be made once.
Please note that we cannot accept exchanges for different products.

[We cannot accept the following cases]
・Products that show signs of use
・Products with lost, damaged, or defaced accessories (BOX, purse, purchase certificate, etc.)
・Reservation items
・Made to order products
・Products that have been engraved or resized
・Products that have been delivered for more than 7 days
・In case of customer circumstances (wrong image, wrong order, etc.)